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Our Story

Our story began that evening in August 2019 when I searched in vain for a gift for my dear wife for our 08th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately I was not so fast to find it because most of the online shops I searched couldn’t really convince me at first go. I had to visit many sites to have as many gift options as possible. But you know it! You have the money, but you don’t find what your darling can like. So my frustration was mounting page after page. And asked me why there is no online shop out there that is able to provide the perfect gift?

And that’s when I had the idea to create an online shop that is a super exception between the other shops, and I called it In this shop there should always be as many accessories as possible, so that the customer has all possibilities to get the maximum what he wants at once. I immediately registered the domain and started creating my store. CA Accessories was born!

So here you have our history! It is not so spectacular but  real!

Happy and successful shopping

CA Accessories Team


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© 2021 All Rights Reserved